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Performance Modifications For All Saab Models:
PPC Tuning System for all Saabs Turbo 1999-2005
PPC - Portable Program Carrier is a unique hand held tuning system developed by BSR of Sweden. The technology allows your cars ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to be reprogrammed with tuning software of your choice without any mechanical modifications. You don’t even have to pop the hood.

The PPC unit can store several programs including your car’s original settings and you select the one you want to use. To upgrade your car only takes minutes.

How is the upgrade performed?
Connect the PPC™ Tuning System cable to your car’s OBD-II diagnostic connector. Select program with the "Menu" button and press the "Enter" button. After a few minutes your new settings is loaded into the ECU. Start your car and take it for a drive. The same procedure is used to restore your car to factory settings. You can repeat this procedure as often as you like.

Are upgrades available for my car?
PPC™ Tuning System upgrades are available for Volvo 60-70-80-90 series turbo cars year 1999 to 2005 as well as Saab Turbo cars 1999 to 2005 models. We are also able to deliver PPC for selected Audi and VW turbo cars.

When will the PPC™ Tuning System be available?
The PPC was released in March 2003.

Can I use my PPC unit to upgrade more than one car?
No, the PPC unit is "married" to the first car that is upgraded.

How does the PPC™ Tuning System know that it is upgrading the correct car?
Safety checks are performed to verify that the car has the expected software before the actual upgrade starts.

What do I do if the current software in my car does not match what PPC™ Tuning System expects?
When the safety check fails the system offers the ability to read your cars current settings. This information can then be transmitted to BSR by connecting the PPC™ Tuning System to an Internet connected PC. Our developers will then analyze your cars settings and create a new upgrade. The new customizes upgrade can then be loaded into the PPC™ Tuning System and installed in your car.

How does PPC communicate with my home computer?
By using standard RS232 9-pin serial port available on most computers.

Can I use PPC if my cars ECU already have an upgrade?
Your cars ECU have to be returned to original configuration to be able to use PPC.

Can I use PPC with any ECU upgrades?
PPC can only be used with the ECU upgrades that BSR have developed for your car.

How can I access the latest version of the upgrade for my car?
If BSR develops an enhanced version of a tuning program for your car we will notify our customers via e-mail and also provide instructions on how to download this new information into the PPC™ Tuning System using a home computer with Internet connection. Enhanced versions of same "Stage" software will be provided at no charge.

Can I custom tune the upgrade myself?
No, you choose one of the upgrades BSR have developed for your car. For most car models three or four different upgrades are available:
PPC: The car is tuned using the PPC system without modifying or upgrading anything else on your car.
Stage 1: A Stage 1 ECU upgrade combined with a sport air filter insert or an Opti Flow™ open-air intake.
Stage 2: A stage 2 ECU, upgraded air intake (insert or Opti Flow™) and a BSR stainless exhaust system.
Stage 3: A stage 3 ECU, upgraded air intake (insert or Opti Flow ™), BSR stainless exhaust system and 3" down pipe.

How do I order?
You order one of our best in class tuning programs and the PPC™ Tuning System unit will be delivered with your new program and you are ready to upgrade your car.

What is included?
The PPC is shipped with all the cables needed to upgrade your car as well as cables to connect it to a computer for future upgrades.
Additional hardware such as air filter, stainless sport exhaust systems and down pipe have to be added to the cost of PPC for complete Stage 1, 2 and 3 upgrades.

Can I start with Stage 1 and later upgrade to Stage 3?
If you start with Stage 1 and later decide to go to Stage 3 we will provide an upgrade for your PPC. The upgrade charge is $195.

How do I get support?
Engstrom Motorsport will provide support you if you need assistance with the use of PPC™ Tuning System.
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Please let me know about BSR PPC tuning at Stage 3.

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