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  • Detailed information on repairs of 1988 900 SPG , 9000 and many cool links.  pop
    1988 2.0 Turbo Saab Owners Manual Information
    Systems and Schematics
    ACC System
    APC System
    Cooling Group
    Crankcase Emission
    Electronic Injection
    Evap Emission
    General Photos
    Fuel Pump & Filter Location
    Engine Compartment br>Specification Charts
    General (Weights and Capacities)
    Haynes Manual Notes
    Basic Sun Roof Notes
    Fuel and Exhaust System Specs, Torque and Turbocharger Types (by year)
    Torque Wrench Settings
    Transmission and Engine

    Cooling System (pumps, thermostats and hoses)
    Electrical Diagrams
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  • The Automotive Gallery at  pop
    DIY instructions on:
    Turbocharger and Related
    Transmission and Driveshafts
    Suspension and Steering
    Interior Equipment
    And much more..
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  • SB Saabonline
    classic 900 Turbo with the 2.0 litre 16 valve engine. Media. Performance. Links.
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  • Castor's 1988 SPG
    News, Mods, Pictures, How-tos, Galleries, Project updates.
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  • Luke's Saab Page
    1986 900 SPG

    1980 900 turbo

    1972 95
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  • Nielsens Saab Page
    On this page you will find useful Saab links, links to Swedish carbreakers and pictures from trips with my Saab 900, 1995.
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  • Saab Fun Page
    One of my hobbies include cars as well, that is Saabs. Some people might even call it a "Saab sickness", perhaps with a good reason. That's why I'm also a member of the Finnish Saab club, Suomen Saab-klubi
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  • Saab Web
    Most of the content on this site is focused on the "classic" Saab 900 Turbo - those cars made between 1979 and 1993. This is the model which I favor, and most definitely where most of my knowledge and experience is. Still, there is a fair amount of information pertaining to some of Saab's other models, including the 9000 and, as time goes on, I will no doubt be adding information on some older Saabs as well (especially the Sonett, as I've recently acquired one).
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  • Yankton Tuned
    About Us- Welcome to my Web site! On the following pages you will find detailed information about a 9000 Aero and NG900 Talladega that I have tuned. One of my goals during these build-ups, aside from increasing the car's performance potential, was to perform modifications that were in the range of the average do-it-yourself mechanic.
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