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PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:35 pm 
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Divorce can be appalling and baffling, especially if you don't realise the facts about what the Court is required to award you in a divorce. You can sidestep needless trips to court and constant hassles by analysing these ten most commonly discussed questions and the answers put forth by Australia's divorce lawyers.
1) My wife and I don't get along. How do we go about getting a divorce?
Divorce in Australia is a serious undertaking. The Court wants to be sure you've exhausted every avenue to try to repair damage in your marriage before granting permission to dissolve this sacred bond. Therefore, before you can apply for divorce you and your spouse must be separated for 12 months and one day.
2) I caught my husband having an affair, and I want a divorce. Will the Court take this into consideration in our divorce proceedings?
Divorce in Australia is no-fault,north face 3 in 1,north face sleeping bags,david a, meaning the court doesn't look into why the marriage has dissolved unless his actions have somehow taken away from the assets in the marriage.
3) My husband and I tried to work things out. We separated, then reconciled for two months, but it didn't work out,chanel handbags uk. How does this effect the mandatory separation time,the north face uk?
Because the Court is all for trying to work things out they have provided for such a situation in divorce proceedings. Therefore, you can reconcile as man and wife for one period of three months during your separation without restarting the waiting period. The time you spent separated before and after will be taken into consideration as one time period.
4) My wife and I are separated, but because of money problems, still live in the same home. Will the Court agree that we're separated?
Yes, you can technically live together and also be separated, but you have to provide adequate proof to the court that your marriage has broken down. In this case, the Court will ask for you, your spouse, and a third party to submit an affidavit,abercrombie outlet uk. The affidavit should address such issues as the reason behind your shared living status (if any), your sleeping arrangements, financial situation, and arrangements made for children, if any.
5) I want a divorce, but my spouse has disappeared and can't be located. Can I still get one?
Yes, you can. Divorce in Australia can be filed by either a single party or both spouses together. As long as you can prove that you've been separated for 12 months and 1 day and that there's no chance of reconciliation you can file for a divorce. However, you'll have to make an effort to contact your estranged spouse and be able to prove to the court in an affidavit that you've done so,manolo blahnik zapatos.
6) We were married outside of Australia, but I'm an Australian citizen. Can I get an Australian divorce, or do I need to go to the country we were married in?
There's no need to travel. If you are an Australian citizen or resident you can file for divorce here,dre beats official site,costume ralph lauren,ralph. If your marriage certificate isn't in English you will have to employ a professional translator to translate it. The translator will need to submit an affidavit of his qualifications, the exact wording of the certificate and an original copy of the certificate.
7) We've been married for less than two years, but we want a divorce. How do we go about getting one?
To acquire a divorce hearing after being wed for less than two years you still need to prove a 12 month and 1 day separation in the same way as couples who have been married for longer. However, because of the short period of time you've been married the Court wants you to be absolutely sure that your marriage can't be saved. You will have to go to additional lengths to work on fixing your marriage by participating in counseling.
Before you can file for divorce, you and your spouse must attend counseling sessions with a family counselor to discuss possible reconciliation and reasons for dissolving the marriage. You then must present a counseling certificate to your lawyer and the court.
If you can't attend counseling for some reason, such if your spouse has relocated and you can't find them, you must file a form with the Court to get special permission to apply for a divorce.
8) Do we have to appear at the court date?
No, not unless you have children under the age of 18 years or have been married for less than two years. However,chanel blazer,north face windstopper,coco chanel c, you might want to appear anyway to make sure that matters are taken care of the way you expected,chanel ceramic watch,manolo blahnik shoes,abercrom.
9) I want to remarry as soon as the divorce goes through. How long do I have to wait?
The court needs to be convinced that there isn't any possibility of repairing your original marriage before you can marry again. A lot of people believe they'll get to their court date and be free to remarry. That's not always the case. The Court may ask for more information or proof that you've done your best to save the marriage but it is irreconcilable. In that event you will have to show up at additional Court dates until all of the Court's questions have been fully answered.
If the Court doesn't ask for more information and has been satisfied with the information presented, you will be presented with an order called the 'decree nisi for dissolution of marriage'. This order lasts for one month, so during that time if the party wishes to remain married, the decree nisi is dissolved and the divorce does not take place. After the month period the divorce is final and the parties are free to remarry.
So in a nutshell, before you can remarry you must:
* Be separated for twelve months and one day.
* Satisfy the Court with appropriate information that your marriage is irreconcilable.
* Wait out the 'decree nisi for dissolution of marriage' month period.
10) What if we have children together? Can we still get a divorce?
Yes, the court will grant you a divorce only if you have made the proper arrangements for the children before applying. You must consider where the children will live, what money arrangements have been made, and visitation between the children and both parents.
If you can't settle these issues then the Court will have to do what's necessary to secure what's best for the welfare of your children. The Court takes into consideration the children's wishes, their relationship with you and your spouse, the children's maturity level and needs, and protection of the child against physical and mental abuse if applicable.
In Conclusion.
Everyone would rather have a happy marriage than divorce,chanel talcum powder,discount abercrombie,north fa. However, when relationships go awry it's important to know the facts about divorce so you and your children can avoid friction and tension.

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