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 Post subject: is Clotaire Rapaille
PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:46 am 
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Something that is crucial in manufacturing and sales is to know in advance how well your product will sell. And for a product to sell, it must fulfill a need or a want of the buying public. At one time, products were manufactured and marketed haphazardly based on the ideas of someone in the manufacturing company. However, advances in marketing accompanied technological progress and today marketing smarts are highly prized by businesses around the globe.
One very popular method that businesses utilize to determine the market for new products is the market research survey. Another method popular with the automobile industry is manufacture a prototype and introduce it to the public at an auto show. And when trying to determine whether a proposed product is saleable, automobile manufacturers often engage the services of a consultant.
A very famous consultant, known as the car shrink, is Clotaire Rapaille, a market researcher,christian louboutin shoes, political scientist, medical anthropologist and cultural shrink. Dr. Rapaille's methods are based on the theories of Freud and Jung.
According to Dr. Rapaille, man has three brains,red bottom shoes. The cortex is responsible for logical reasoning.
Our emotions are housed in the limbic brain. Last there is the reptilian brain,red bottoms. This has no relationship whatsoever to reptiles. The reptilian section of our brains is wired by our biological primal needs such as sex and survival,christian louboutin shoes. And it is this section that really controls our decisions. Advertising that appeals only to the cortex and limbic brain is bad advertising.
Decisions to purchase or not to purchase are the result of sub-conscious imprints dating back to your childhood. The first time you learn a word, you imprint it and create a mental pathway that you will carry for the rest of your life.
Consumers therefore make these decisions on a gut level as result of early memories of home and happiness and programming them.
An example is the presence of cupholders in an automobile. The primary element of safety as a child was the fact that the mother fed a warm liquid. Although people are not consciously aware of this, there is a subtle connection between the cupholder and the feeding of warm milk as babies.
This reaches our reptilian brain and is imprinted.
So without realizing why, the presence of cupholders inspires us to purchase a particular car.
Rapaille compares the interior of a car to the mother's womb,red bottom shoes. So it should be round, soft,red bottoms, and should have some give or flexibility,jordan shoes. Rapaille also believes that a person should be up high. Power accompanies height so to be in a position where one can look down is to be powerful.
He advises auto manufacturers that the ideal automobile is a combination of an armored tank appearance on the exterior and a living room atmosphere in the interior.
But these impressions and inclinations are not recognized by our cortex,christian louboutin outlet. They are imbedded in the reptilian area of our brain. And according to Rapaille, "Reptilian always wins."
While people may question and laugh at his theories his clients include several Fortune 500 businesses,christian louboutin outlet. He has advised several automobile manufacturers including Renault and Chrysler. His New York based firm is profitable enough to allow him to live in a mansion located in a gated community and own two Rolls Royces,red bottom shoes, a PT Cruiser, a Chrysler Prowler and a Porsche 911,air jordan shoes.
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