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 Post subject: Don't you think the game difficulty is way too easy?
PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:13 am 
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A:I really enjoyed group play in guild wars 2 gold Everquest and it certainly didnt have any advanced AI. Progressing through a dungeon that was difficult for your group was a matter of managing your ressources, controlling the mobs and not getting overwhelmed by respawn. Pretty basic really but it was fun(You could gimp anything in EQ with levels, gear and creative use of game mechanics, I'm talking about a group intentionally doing challenging content because they want to).That being said, the dungeons here are too "WoW" to recreate that. I wish the game had some genuine underground dungeons in the outdoor world for those that cared to do such content. I dont think it takes alot of effort to create guild wars 2 gold compared to the scripted stuff in the actual dungeons.Heart missions tend to be easy fetch quests or "kill X mobs" though some have some amusing activities (bunnies!!! <3).Skill challenges can be pretty difficult solo, but I'm cool with that, I like a challenge and I can always get help if I need it or postpone them for later.Personal story missions range from very easy, to challenging, buy guild wars 2 gold to downright brutal (at least at the intended level).A:The answer is, some diablo 3 gold of the content should be easy and some should be hard. However, the harder content should also have a higher reward to justify it, since hard difficulty level just for the sake of hard difficulty level is bad. And this is exactly where anet failed to deliver. The instances are intended to be the hard endgame content - that's good. However, the difficulty level overall seems to be too much for the miniscule rewards you get from running them (they have made steps in the right direction recently with boosting the tokens) and also the difficulty disparity between different explorable wow power leveling routes makes 80% of dungeon content not worth the time.

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