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 Post subject: Newport Cigarettes Coupons Does the US need a trav
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:19 pm 
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Does the US need a travel advisory
Europeans and East Asians can't seem to grasp how big the US is until they go on a road trip. And even people from other big countries like Russia and Brazil have a hard time grasping that out in the middle of nowhere, America has Los Vegas, where Russia has a cross roads and Brazil has another 50 Kilometers of green.
Additionally, American's don't care who you are. You are from our good ally, Denmark. Cool! Do you want some fries with that? You are from Myanmar? Can I super-size that? You are from nuclear free New Zealand? Would you like another at half price?
You speak a language spoken by over a billion people? We don't care enough to have an official national language. If you buy three of those, the fourth is free!
Oh, we don't care about history, either. Your home town is a thousand years old? My house is five years old. Time sure does fly! If you upgrade, you can get a convertable.
Why yes, I am black. No, I've never been in jail. Can I put you on our mailing list?
1. Arabic people should be advised not to congregate in airports and have loud group prayers to Allah before boarding their flights.
2. Arabic people should be Newport Cigarettes Coupons advised not to inquire about flight schools.
3. Arabic people should be advised not to purchase large amounts of gasoline, amonium nitrate, or diesel fuel.
4. Arabic people should be advised that Americans are not interested in their assessment of our country, our leaders, our culture, our music, or our beliefs.
And, lest I be branded as picking on Arabic people:
5. Cuban people should be advised that praising Castro will not endear them to Americans.
6. German people should be advised that most americans are not interested in a resurgence of the Nazzi party.
7. Canadian people should be advised that if their health care system is really that much better than ours, they should boycott our doctors and hospitals; this will alleviate some of the overcrowding in the northern states.
8. Japanese people should be advised that the war is over, and they lost.
9. Israeli people should be advised that, should they find themselves a victom of ethnic slander they should shout "Jew in trouble", and fifteen fundamentalist Christians will swarm in, kick the crud out of their tormentor, and Online Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Wholesale Website 100 Cartons then take the Israeli to lunch.
10. Mexican people should be advised that it is not a good idea to ask where to sign up for food stamps, how to get to the free clinic, or directions to the welfare office.
11. People from Great Brittan should be advised that we would rather watch commercials on TV than let the government control the programming.
Beer warning - Austrian beers are far inferior to German beers!
Czech alert - They love Americans so much you wind up giving away items of your clothing to people who admire them. Keep the pants, at least! Those bohemians believe in strip Newport Short Cigarettes 10 cartons discount drinking!
Drama alert - See many domestic arguements carried on in extremis in restaurants in Italy. They don't need soap operas. They star in their own.
Fishing alert - When Austrian fishermen invite you to fish what that means is they invite their friends and follow you and watch you fish! Talk about pressure! Fortunately Austrian trout are easy, never having seen American flies before - pushovers. Whew! We had a big fish fry that night!

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