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 Post subject: Random Musings
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:44 am 
Saab Warrior

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Random Musings
I really should take up knitting. Knitting is amongst the few activities which has not been corrupted and exploited by significant fake companies. No one cares if you ever can not knit nicely, no one calls you a poser for those who cannot knit a scarf. Nobody tries to show knitting on Television and make money off it. No one advertises knitting on Tv, or popularizes it and rapes it. No one can 'sell out' in knitting. Knitting has survived fairly unmarred in this era of vulgar exploitation of pretty much anything else.
I am tired of almost everything getting fake, being slick and commercialized. Life is like this giant ad where we've every insecurity rubbed into our faces, then told about this new wonder product that may dissolve these insecurities and make us wonderful and sexy. Clothing suppliers running advertisements with their massive lipped, lengthy lashed models pouting sexily wanting to sell their items. Purchase this and also you too will appear like this model! Toothpaste companies showing commercials Moncler Armoise, saying that your teeth are too yellow. Obtain this and you can have white teeth and absolutely everyone will enjoy you! Shampoo companies displaying you how unsexy dandruff is. Purchase this and you can place freakin' glue on your scalp so you will not get any even more white flakes!
It really is sick, it's actually sick. Order our super particular Nike shoes on sale of and also you can give Michael Jordan a couple far more bucks. Who cares if parents who can barley make adequate cash to buy food and pay the rent have to have to have their kids a pair of those pretty so cheap shoes otherwise they will get beat up at school? Why do many people care that considerably about almost everything? Who cares what sort of shoes you put on?
Every little thing is just so corrupt. Significant businesses run by greedy white men suck up and suck dry every thing in sight. If society so a great deal as shows and kindling of interest in one thing there they are, to grab it and splatter it on billboards across America. Acquire it, rape it, sell it. It really is like nothing at all is sacred and nothing can stand up to these businesses. It doesn't matter what it truly is so long as it's going to get them income. They never care what they do to it provided that they're able to get dollars pouring into their big fat bank account.
The music sector is an additional factor that is horribly corrupt Moncler Monc Clairy, along with Hollywood. They can't tell me it truly charges to make a CD, of which around fifty cents goes to the artist. I'd say two bucks tops to create the CD itself, and possibly a buck for machine maintenance and CD shipping costs. That is three dollars and fifty cents accounted for. I'd like pretty considerably to know where the other eleven dollars and fifty cents are going. Nothing at all like greedy labels.
Anyone will do anything to have paid. It's just disgusting what many people will do for cash. And there is nothing I can do about it. I am ever so hypocritical in that I help these companies that feed off the exploitation or every little thing. Nevertheless it boils down for the realities of things. I don't wish to make my own clothing, or make my own soap. So the only thing I can do and is attempt and chose the least corrupt, least fake suppliers to buy items from.
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