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 Post subject: Inspiration
PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:32 am 
Saab Junkie

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Inspiration,trx force kit
This is a true story. Actually this is something that I experienced just yesterday. It really moved and inspired me, and that is why I thought of sharing it with you guys.
It was a Sunday afternoon. I was busy with some important chores, and hence had not had my regular Sunday breakfast. So I decided to go to a restaurant and eat something. Even though there are many places in the city, where to go and what to eat has always been something I can never decide on easily. Anyway, since I wanted to eat some chicken related dish, I chose to go to a place just around 3 miles away from my place. I reached there, sat down at a table, and along with all the other thoughts that were in my mind,trx training, was deciding what to order.
Now let me tell you something. The purpose of writing this page is not because of my hunger, the place I went to, or what lovely food I got to eat. It's because of a particular individual there that managed to move and inspire me, just with his simple but fantastic way of life and work.
This place I went to was no hi-fi joint. It was a simple reasonable restaurant, but one that served anything in chicken that you could think of. As soon as I sat down at the table, promptly came this waiter, who was an old gentleman. He must have been nearing 70. But he was more active than even myself. And he had this absolutely pleasant smile, something missing in so many people these days. He took my order, and even made a few suggestions, all with this bubbly attitude and a great smile.
Now my eyes followed his every move. He then went about his work, attending to other tables and customers. Mind you, this place had 10+ tables and this gentleman was servicing all of them by himself. And in doing that,trx bands, it was unbelievable that no one's order was ever delayed. You could be sure that your order would be served to you within 10 minutes. He also coordinated with the chefs, the cashier, besides other things. How he managed to do all this, and still not delay anything is still beyond me. And it was not that he was just trying to finish his job fast and get on to the next one. Each conversation of his, each movement of his always had this trademark smile, conversation, and pleasantness. He was also not that type who would hover around you every 5 minutes while you were eating. He knew exactly when you needed something, even without you saying anything, and would promptly be there to attend to you.
When I was done, guess what! Here he was again asking me if I had enjoyed my meal. Forget the meal, I enjoyed watching him, I loved his attitude. How could a person of that age, who I am sure was paid much less than he deserved, who probably had more problems in life than we can imagine, manage to be like this? Active, happy, smiling?all this while getting his work done.
I paid the check and tipped him personally, more than what I would normally tip anywhere else. Not because of the great service, but because this person taught me something. In fact he taught me a lot. We seem to have most things in life. Still we are never happy. Always running behind more. Always asking God why he has been so unfair to us. Always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. And here we have this person, content with what he has, besides adding some happiness to other's lives too through his behavior. Am sure his friends and family are lucky to have him around. We need to take a leaf out of this person's book. Can we be like him? Well, we can at least try,trx force kit tactical!!!
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