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 Post subject: please follow along with this
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:44 am 
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Did you ever see the film "When Harry Met Sally"? If you have not seen the film, I am sure that you saw or heard of that very well known and rather hilarious clip in the film where Sally (played by the beautiful Meg Ryan) simulates an orgasm, very vocally and dramatically, while at the table in a busy diner sat opposite Harry. She writhes at the table exclaiming the words "Yes,air jordan shoes... yes.... YES!!" Amazing how that simple little word is the only word needed to demonstrate how much pleasure she was supposed to be having at the time. I want to go into some detail about that orgasm word today... the word yes. Have you ever seen what the word "NO!" does to a well trained dog? Or even a not so well trained dog,christian louboutin discount? Well you will also remember what happened if you were told "NO!" as a child and throughout your life... just think right now, if someone said to you that word, you have to go inside yourself and find references to all the other times you were told it and it kind of leaves an unwanted feeling, doesn't it? Getting a yes tends to evoke something completely different. YES! I love that word, don't you? Yes opens doors to all kinds of wonderful things, it gets the sale, it gives us permission, it makes us celebrate, it sends a positive message, it makes us happy... we even scream it when we orgasm!! It is the orgasm word! YES! YES! YES,red bottom shoes! Hallelujah, yes! I just love saying it. Other people generally love saying it too and it is something you want to encourage other people to say more often. You gain compliance, agreement and develop better relationships the more times people say yes to you. My hero, Milton Erickson, the man who much modern hypnosis theory and technique is based upon, used what we call the "yes set" extensively in his therapeutic practice with his clients. This helped him to get the agreement of his clients unconscious mind. A Yes Set, is a series of statements or questions that has the client saying or thinking "yes, yes, yes, yes," so that when the hypnotist (or any other therapist for example) adds a crucial instruction or question, the client again responds, "yes."Ok,red bottom shoes, please follow along with this: You are breathing. You are sitting here reading this article, and while you are doing that, you are probably thinking about certain things. Because you are interested in many things that have led you to be reading this kind of article, aren't you? That means that you will be able to learn these kinds of thing far more easily from now on. Read that paragraph again. Notice how reading it makes you feel in your body. I drew four automatic, effortless "yes" responses from your unconscious mind, so that then, my embedded command to learn these kinds of things more easily, would glide smoothly into your unconscious mind and get yet another yes from you. Didn't I do that? Yes. :-) Many of the techniques of conversational hypnosis are designed to create agreement too, whether it is on a conscious or an unconscious level. To induce conversational hypnosis,red bottom, the knowledgeable hypnotist may use statements such as: "It is nice to get away from the office every now and then, isn't it?""You'd like to be in a stress free environment more often, wouldn't you?""Sometimes, we'd like all our problems to just float away, wouldn't we?""When I go in the sauna at my gym,red bottom shoes, it feels like they are all melting away, it is nice and comfortable to melt away, isn't it,jordan shoes? As the person agrees with these yes-set questions, they begin to experience the comfort and relaxation that is being discussed, and they are agreeing with it! Have you ever seen one of those stereotypical discussions between the hairdresser and their client where one is talking and the other is just continually saying "yeah... yeah... oh yeah..." in a trance-like automatic way? You know what I am talking about don't you? These kinds of conversations go on all the time, where compliance and agreement is occurring with the agreement word yes being answered consistently. You see, once you create a "climate of agreement" in any communication, bigger requests can be made and the person who is now in a habit of agreeing with you is far more likely to follow your suggestions. Imagine how useful this is as a parent,red bottom, a salesperson, a therapist, a politician, a clergyman or anyone else. As people agree with you more, they tend to fall into a habit that increases the likelihood of continued agreement. Have a go at doing this for a day, where you increase agreement with everything you say in every communication you have. You can start with simple things at the beginning of conversations such as "this is the 8th of October isn't it?" and "You are Susan Smith, aren't you? Nice to meet you."You can build up in conversations to using yes-set questions such as "people like to buy really good quality products that last long times, don't they?" or "we are all interested in saving more money aren't we?" In addition to creating a yes-set, you are creating a climate of agreement. I have worked with top salespeople that have continually used the yes-set with questions and statements all the way until the final close of the sale: "People like to make more of their purchases with the convenience of credit cards these days, dont they?" This statement is the truth, so it is agreed with, you get a "yes" and they may even tell you that they want to pay cash instead on this occasion, either way, the close of the sale has been successfully made.The basic tenet here is that when any person has said "yes" throughout a communication, it is then very difficult for them to say "no" at the close. You can take any statement or question and simply tag on the end a small question and it initially softens the statement wonderfully, like melting butter left in the sunshine, and it starts off or continues a yes-set. Tag on these kinds of questions to any factual statement to turn it into a yes-set question: "Didn't they""Won't they,red bottom?""Isn't it?""Is it not?""Aren't you?""wasn't it?""wouldn't you agree?""haven't you?""don't you?"You know that I use these tag questions throughout my articles every week, you spot them though, don't you? Today, use your creativity to come up with lots and lots of new yes-set questions; you can use the present tense (isn't it?), past tense (wasn't it?) and future tense (won't they?) and use them in all manner of conversations and communications to create more agreement, more influence and more hypnotic communication.
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