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 Post subject: violence and vandalism.
PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:27 am 
Saab Warrior

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In the UK many traffic lights have a camera fitted to ensure that if you cross the traffic light when it is showing red, you get caught and get a hefty fine. All to deter you from doing the same mistake again. When it comes to traffic offence it may seem harmless to skip a red light but if you think of the consequences it could have, it is not so funny anymore. The lights go red for a reason, to let other cars and more importantly in this instance pedestrians to cross the road safely. If a car skips the red light and a young family just have started to cross the road this could have fatal consequences and therefore the cameras are an enormous help in deterring people from driving through a red light. The functions of the CCTV Cameras are to deter criminal activity,christian louboutin shoes. I believe that this is a very effective way of dealing with large crowds and monitoring people for theft, violence and vandalism.
Many shopping centres have security personnel sitting viewing / monitoring the CCTV Cameras continuously this is for the safety of the public and to avoid higher costs due to vandalism and theft. Pick pocket perpetrators are unfortunately frequently visiting shopping centres and are often successful in stealing the publics property,red bottoms. Therefore having a high quality CCTV system installed is vital. The criminals can then not only be caught quicker but also be identified and caught in action on camera.
What I always say is why would anybody mind being on camera if they are doing nothing wrong,christian louboutin outlet? My children absolutely love these displays and I can only agree that it is a highly effective way of deterring people from stealing.
When it comes to installing CCTV Systems it can seem very simple but to ensure the cabling is correct,red bottom shoes, the connectors are correctly installed and cameras positioned to the correct location and especially covering the most vital areas of your shop is not an easy task. Once the system is installed you rarely have problems with it, if you have purchased a decent quality system,red bottoms, there is little point in getting the absolutely cheapest system available as this will not (most likely) give you the system you wish to have installed,christian louboutin shoes.
In recent years the CCTV Systems have become much more affordable so even smaller shop keepers can have the systems installed without a big burden of cost of equipment and installation. Some shops install their own equipment,jordan shoes; however I would always recommend using a qualified CCTV installer. This is for your own piece of mind as well as not having the hassle of fault finding should you not get the installation right the first time,air jordan shoes.
In most countries CCTV systems are installed, if not everywhere at least most shops and shopping centres have got CCTV Systems. In the UK I would imagine all shopping centres have some CCTV Cameras / System installed. It may not be absolutely everywhere and may not cover all areas, but the main large areas where crimes such as violence, vandalism or theft could occur they would be covered by a CCTV camera. Another area where the CCTV Cameras are likely to be found is on the traffic lights.
You will also find that many shops openly display the CCTV footage to ensure every one is aware of the Cameras and that they are being monitored / recorded. You will often find these monitors in smaller newsagents mainly due to unfortunately many teenagers steal little bits of sweets or other small items from the shops and this costs much more than anybody would imagine,christian louboutin outlet, the smaller shop keepers lose a lot of their profit this way,red bottom shoes. Another more and more frequently used monitor displaying is in supermarkets,red bottom shoes, especially by the meat section. In my local store they have such a monitor and my children love to watch themselves while we get the meat for the week!
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