Taylormade RocketBladez irons is most Appealing clubs
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Author:  Victoriccheng [ Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Taylormade RocketBladez irons is most Appealing clubs

Since the launch of the original Burner 2.0 irons in 2009, TaylorMade has been making a concerted effort to build irons that fly noticeably higher and farther, with more spin and a steeper angle of descent, than typical sticks. TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons Its latest creation, the RocketBladez (“RBladez”), takes these attributes to a new level

The Taylormade RocketBladez irons represent an evolution of what TaylorMade did with the Burner irons, and should appeal to the same players. But King and others at TaylorMade think that a new design feature sets RocketBladez apart and could make them appealing to accomplished players and pros, too.

The RocketBladez irons have a large cavity behind their stainless steel faces that lowers the center of gravity and pulls it farther away from the face, TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver making them forgiving and high-flying. That’s not new. What is new is a 2-milimeter-wide slot in the sole of the 3- through 7-irons.

The company is calling it a Speed Pocket and says the slot allows the unsupported, 1.6-milimeter-thick face to move and flex more easily at impact, especially on shots hit low in the face. In fact, TaylorMade says that the RocketBladez irons have COR numbers that are similar to a driver's.

The slot is covered with polyurethane to keep debris out, and TaylorMade says the polyurethane also helps quiet vibrations without significantly slowing the flex of the slot. According to TaylorMade designers, Callaway X Hot Irons the slot and the added face flex will cause the ball to launch higher, fly 2-5 yards farther and land on a steeper angle of descent so it stops more easily.

I am also keen on the design, which has lost the wacky geometry of last year’s RBZ irons in favour of a more traditional game-improvement shape. Cheap golf clubs Although they’re not exactly blades - as the name suggests - the mid-sized heads aren’t to be confused with ‘chunky’ as they possess a generous, medium thick topline and slight offset.

I’ve always struggled to find an iron that provides the perfect balance between distance, control and feel, but the RocketBladez gave me high-towering ball flights and consistent distances throughout.

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