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 Post subject: or me orus
PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:36 pm 
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Yet the question begs, why have we not seen more people becoming richas a direct result of The Secret? Is it because it's just another oneof those "feel good but nothing changes" inspirational movies? Allfluff and filler, no useful, practical content?Hasn't the 3 step process described in The "Secret" been utilised inone form or another by billions of people already, all throughouthistory? So why exactly has the world not seen a history of consistenthuman happiness, fulfilment and prosperity? Is it because The Secretdoesn't 'work'?Wait. Before you think I am one of those The "Secret" or "Law ofAttraction" bashers, I urge you to wait it out and read this article inits entirety to do justice to yourself.According to the popular definition of the law of attraction, it isthat tendency for the Universe to reflect in your reality what is goingon in your innermost mind. That's basically the gist of it. But what'smissing from this popular definition is the observer factor, the humanfactor,christian louboutin shoes, that is us.Most of us who have watched The Secret take this popular definition ofthe law of attraction at face value and try to put it into effect bysimply starting to think positive thoughts, struggling to block out ourconditioned negative mental patterns and begin fantasising about whatwe have always been secretly desiring - that new car, the beautifulhome, that drop-dead gorgeous lover,christian louboutin outlet, a swimming pool filled with money,etc.Some of us also go out collecting pretty pictures of what we want,red bottom shoes, cutthem out and paste them into our scrapbooks of manifestation. Thistechnique has been called the Treasure Map, also known as the VisionBoard. It is a tool to help us better visualise what we want. Then toadd even more power to our visualisation process, some of us purchaseone of those brainwave entrainment programs or special music that helpsus visualise better and get into the perfect state of mind formanifestation.That is all well and good, but a huge portion of us then getdisappointed when days, weeks, months or even years later ofvisualising and affirming every day, we don't get what we want,red bottoms. Thatnew car,red bottoms, beautiful home,christian louboutin outlet, dream lover and a swimming pool filled withmoney still elude us to this day. Then we cry out, "What is wrong withthe Universe?!".Truth is, there is nothing wrong with the universe, with the world,with the human race, not even with you. Yes, you read that correctly,jordan shoes.There is nothing wrong with you either. What is wrong is yourunderstanding of The Secret and how reality functions. What is wrong isthe model you have in your mind. There is a missing ingredient in yourunderstanding. A piece that is missing, preventing you from having acomplete model.What is it?That missing piece is you. Read the previous statement again. It mightseem like a tautology, but if you take it another way, it makesabsolutely complete sense,red bottom shoes. The missing piece is you,air jordan shoes.You are the missing ingredient in your understanding of The Secret. Youare the missing piece in your model of the law of attraction. Why? Doyou want to know the truth? I can safely bet that no other law ofattraction guru or teacher of The Secret has ever said this before.What comes next is going to be so profound yet so simple, you mightsmack your head and go, "Why haven't I thought of that before?".Here it is,red bottom shoes. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth behind The Secret -You are the "Law of Attraction". "The Law of Attraction" is you,christian louboutin shoes.Rub your eyes gently, blink a little and read the above statementagain. This time, translate that sentence into the first person andapply it to yourself -I am the "Law of Attraction". The "Law of Attraction" is I.Is it clearer now? Do you see the beauty? All this while, The "Secret"guru's are trying to sell you the idea that the law is some separateprocess operating independently of you, a law that is separate yetgoverns the working of the universe.When you know the truth, that the law of attraction and you (or me orus) are one, you gain newfound power in that understanding. You won'timmediately find yourself able to materialise any physical object youdesire into reality,red bottom, that would still be absurd and impossible unlesswe have come to the level of nanotechnology that makes it possible.But you'll comprehend that now you know you are the law of attraction,that you are the embodiment, the avatar (in a sense) of the law ofattraction, it is your responsibility to act in accordance, incoherence, with your intrinsic quality of attraction.Attraction is a 10-letter word but its essence lies in the last 6letters of that word, which is action. Attr-action. You can't have"attraction" without "action".But who does the acting? You do. Who attracts? You do. Therefore, mysimple formula states that you must act to attract. If you don't act,there is no attracting. Because if you refuse to act, you are limitingyour own potential. If you don't act, you are the very obstruction thatis preventing the law of attraction (which equals you) from working.Then don't blame the law of attraction for 'not working' when you don'tget what you want. Blame yourself.
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