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 Post subject: chanel clutch bag,manolo blahnik wedding shoes,cha
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:02 am 
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´╗┐IT JUST DOESN'T make any sense.A full-page ad in Monday's edition of the Los Angeles Times sponsored by the Marine Mammal Fund asked the question, "Why is Greenpeace supporting the two worst anti-environmentalists in Congress?" Below the eye-catching headline, pictures of Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, and Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, flank the smiling face of Barbara Dudley, executive director of Greenpeace USA.It's an odd triumvirate, to be sure. What they have in common is their support of the "Dolphin Death Bill." Stevens and Young together have done more to open the state of Alaska to oil drilling, mining, timber cutting and, in general, total destruction of Alaska's awesome beauty,hermes birkin. Annihilation of dolphins in the eastern Pacific Ocean may be added to their plundering of the Earth.As respective chairmen of the powerful House Resources Committee and Senate Appropriations Committee, these two Alaskans, from a state of barely 500,000, are considered to be among the top five most powerful people in Washington.So why would Greenpeace get into bed with these guys? Politics make strange bedfellows, but this is ridiculous.The issue is really quite simple. In the eastern Pacific Ocean, dolphins swim above tuna. Fishermen, mostly from Mexico, Venezuela, Panama and other Latin American countries, look for dolphins because that's where they will find tuna. They then chase, harass and encircle the dolphins with enormous purse seine nets, so named because of the similarity to huge drawstring purses. Dolphins, tuna and anything else swimming within miles of these gigantic nets are trapped,prada uk. Dolphins drown, their beaks broken, fins torn, babies separated from mothers. All manner of mayhem is wreaked upon these gentle, intelligent creatures during the hunts.After pictures of the dolphin brutalities were captured on video by Samuel La Budde of the Marine Mammal Fund, every rational human felt the anguish and suffering of the dolphins. This isn't anthropomorphism, either, like that's a bad thing. Studies prove dolphins mourn and grieve the loss of loved ones for long periods.Rightfully outraged, Americans demanded their tuna be dolphin safe,zapatos manolo blahnik. Boycotts of major tuna-canning companies were launched and, by 1992, legislation passed making dolphin-safe tuna the only kind sold in this country. Dolphin deaths went from a pre-1992 figure of 125,000 to less than, although still unacceptable, 3,000 deaths in 1996.Well, get ready to pick pieces of dolphin soul out of your tuna fish sandwiches. If the Clinton administration, Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young have their way, Mexico and the other countries responsible for this nefarious legislation can use purse seine nets to catch tuna and sell that tuna in the United States with a dolphin-safe label.Why are President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, after making such impressive Earth Day displays, adamantly backing dolphin death legislation? What could account for this betrayal of dolphins, practically the very symbol of the whole environmental movement? President Clinton has made it clear he wants this bill to become law before his trip to Mexico later this spring. Obviously, his administration is bowing to pressure from Mexico.But why would Greenpeace, after raising millions of dollars to save dolphins from tuna nets, suddenly reverse its position and back the proposed "Dolphin Death Bill," which is opposed by more than 80 marine conservation, animal welfare and environmental groups? Greenpeace feebly defends its treachery, claiming the new laws will protect other marine life such as sea turtles and small fish. Rather than weaken dolphin protection, why not strengthen all other marine life protection?The word is Clinton needed political cover for his abandonment of dolphin protection and has enlisted Greenpeace for credibility. Among environmentalists, Greenpeace no longer has credibility.Certainly dolphin lives are worth more than free-trade agreements. In a hundred years, which will matter more: that we opened trade with Mexico or we prevented the slaughter of millions of dolphins?History should not be kind to any administration which had the capacity to stop such heinous atrocities and instead pushed for its very enactment,burberry bag -80%.Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., are leading the opposition in the Senate. They have vowed to fight any legislation that would weaken dolphin protection. Our own good senators, Harry Reid and Richard Bryan, are committed to stopping it as well. But it never hurts to let them know how you feel,chanel bags.Call it what you will, Greenpeace has sold out, as have the World Wildlife Fund, which also supports big-game trophy hunting, and the Environmental Defense Fund. It matters not what they say. The facts are these: When dolphins are caught in purse seine nets, they die. You can get as philosophical or esoteric as you want. It changes nothing. Dolphins drown in nets.The whole thing stinks like last week's tuna.

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